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ICTPE Conference


The 13th International Conference on

Technical and Physical Problems of Electrical Engineering



Yuzuncu Yil University

21-23 September 2017, Van, Turkey


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The chair and secretary of the hosting university will prepare the letters of acceptance for visa in order to send the scanned version to the authors that request this to general chair of Int. Conference of ICTPE, .


The scanned letters of acceptance will be sent to General Chair of International Conference of ICTPE in order to be forward to the authors and easy monitor these requests. 


If the embassy / consulate request to confirm the letters of acceptance originality, the chairs mentioned in the letters of acceptance will confirm it and will send the original at the request of the embassy / consulate, if will be the case.


This help is usually offered by the conference's chairs. Please do not send e-mails to the conference's chairs requesting other support than this.


Authors that will not receive the visa in due time to participate at ICTPE-2017 will be included in the E-session.


General Chair, Chairman, Secretary of ICTPE-2017