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ICTPE Conference


The 18th International Conference on

Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering



International Organization of IOTPE

30 October 2022


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 Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerenerji Joint Stock Company, Baku, Azerbaijan

 Ministry of Education, Baku, Azerbaijan

 Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT), Tehran, Iran

 Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Ankara, Turkey

 Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Ankara, Turkey

 Ministry of Education and Research, Bucharest, Romania

 Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, Madrid, Spain

 Department of Education, Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain

 Ministry of Economy and Energy, Lefkosa, Northern Cyprus

 Ministry of Education and Research, Oslo, Norway


 Atrak Energy Company, Tehran, Iran

 Azarbaijan Electric Power Maintenance Company, Tabriz, Iran

 Azarbaijan Higher Education and Research Complex, Tabriz, Iran

 Azarbaijan Regional Electric Company, Tabriz, Iran

 Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan

 Azerbaijan Technical University, Baku, Azerbaijan

 Azarbaijan University, Tabriz, Iran

 Baku State University, Baku, Azerbaijan

East Azarbaijan Communication Company, Tabriz, Iran

 East Azarbaijan Construction Engineering Organization, Tabriz, Iran

 East Azarbaijan Electric Power Distribution Company, Tabriz, Iran

 Electric Generation Company Inc. (EUAS), Turkey

Farabi Institute of Higher Education, Karaj, Iran

 General Directorate of Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration (EIEI), Turkey

 IEEE (Turkey Section), Ankara, Turkey

Institute of Electrical Power Engineering, Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland

 International Ecoenergy Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan

 Iran Electrical Industry Syndicate, Tehran, Iran

 Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

 Iranian Association of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (East Azarbaijan Branch), Tabriz, Iran

Modiran Hamandish Farakhiz Company, Tabriz, Iran

NCE, Halden, Norway

 Nexans, Halden, Norway

Omega Elkraft, Oslo, Norway

Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran

 The Chamber of Turkish Electrical Engineers, Turkey

 The Chamber of Turkish Electrical Engineers (Ankara Branch), Turkey

TRNC Electricity Authority (KIB-TEK), Lefkosa, Northern Cyprus

 Turkey Electricity Distribution Corporation, Turkey

 Turkey Electric Trade Substation Corporation (TETAS), Turkey

 Turkey Electricity Transmission Corporation, Turkey

 University of Pitesti (Faculty of Electronics, Communications and Computers), Pitesti, Romania

 University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran

 World Energy Council, Turkish National Committee, Turkey