ISSN 2309-0545 , 2309-0553

ICTPE Conference


The 20th International Conference on

Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering



International Organization of IOTPE

31 October 2024


Conference Fees:



Conference Fee (Authors/Participants):

The conference fee will be charged in the conference registration for 1 day, covering attendance to the sessions and conference proceedings. The participants who have submitted more than one paper should pay an extra fee for each extra paper.

# Registration fee Just for the Corresponding Author: 50 Euro (publishing and presenting accepted papers)


Deadline and Importance

All payments must be done during the registration date.

(August 15, 2024).


Attention to Important Notes:

1- The Conference Secretariat will not have the facility to accept the payments on site/desk. Any conference transactions can be only done by the bank process which may not be open at the time of the participants' arrival.

2- The Conference Secretariat will not make any participation capabilities for the unpaid participants and also will not register them before they make the payments for Registration Fee. 

3- For publishing the accepted paper(s) in the Conference Proceedings, it is required to pay Conference Fees and send Receipt of Conference Fee JUST during Registration Period. Otherwise, the papers will not be published in the Conference Proceedings.