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Directors Note:



The International Enterprise on "Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering" (IETPE), expertise in management, research, and engineering services obtained by the partners of International Organization of IOTPE since 2009.


The institutions that are coperating in the IOTPE Organization and IETPE Enterprise are:

- Institute of Physics, Ministry of Science and Education (Baku, Azerbaijan)

- Azerbaijan Research Institute of Energetics and Energy Design, Azerenerji JSC (Baku, Azerbaijan)

- Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency Center (Baku, Azerbaijan)

- Nakhchivan State University (Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan)

- Seraj Higher Education Institute (Tabriz, Iran)

- Taba Elm International Institute (Tabriz, Iran)

- Gazi University (Ankara, Turkey)

- Istanbul Technical University (Istanbul, Turkey)

- Isik University (Istanbul, Turkey)

- Van Yuzuncu Yil University (Van, Turkey)

- Istanbul Rumeli University (Istanbul, TUrkey)

 - University of Pitesti (Pitesti, Romania)

- University of the Basque Country (Bilbao, Spain)

- Near East University (Lefkosa, Northern Cyprus)

- Ostfold University College (Fredrikstad, Norway)


The IOTPE is managing and performing a set of scientific-executive affairs to holding International Conference of ICTPE, publishing International Journal of IJTPE and directing International Enterprise of IETPE.


Successful organizing and holding ICTPE conference, publishing IJTPE journal and directing IETPE indicates close friendship and scientific collaboration of the scientists, researchers and customers of member countries in engineering field development between the countries. The importance of holding ICTPE conference, publishing IJTPE journal and IETPE enterprise are mutual understanding and recognition between the organizer countries through scientific, social and cultural development where yields increasing international cooperation in scientific-executive areas.


Furthermore, the importance subjects of ICTPE conference, IJTPE journal and IETPE enterprise are related to the opportunity for researches and scientists from different countries to clarify and discuss the latest and mutual research achievements and improvements as well as generalization of the internationally obtained results in the area of engineering and know how technologies.


The conducting of ICTPE conference, IJTPE journal and IETPE enterprise are based on important principle of the cooperative relationship between science and industry. This relationship is a basis for the activity of contemporary engineering companies. It is well known that important technical advance is possible only due to achievements of fundamental science.


Directing International Enterprise of IETPE is getting increasing importance for cooperation of researchers and scientific centers and companies of different countries. We strongly believe the enterprise provides the establishing scientific relationships and also increase the cooperation of east and west countries on the subject of engineering fields and applying the new technologies on solving technical and physical problems to build long-term relationships for today and tomorrow.


The IETPE partners and colleagues are scientific, professional, experienced, and understands how to provide solutions for changing technical and engineering environments. The IETPE is able to provide concrete management solutions to the challenges from conception through implementation, strengths, communications, innovative ideas, and customer-driven outcomes.


The IETPE employs a positive and pro-active performance-based approach in support of related goals and objectives. Our approach advances preemptive solutions, thereby saving funds and time. As a result, our overall expertise in management and engineering will help the customers solidify the ways in which to capture information; enhance the abilities; as well as improve and expand the methods of dissemination.


By the mean of IETPE enterprise directing, the cooperation with the partners from the involved countries and also all of the worlds will be fostered. It is the main objective to enhance the level of multilateral exchanges, the involvement of business partners and customers  in developing and improving the scientific research and commercial business.


We will do our best to support the enterprise's solutions and forward to the possible technological transfer of the accumulated knowledge of the scientific and business contributions between the partners and customers.