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Format of Papers:



The submitted paper should be written in MS Word document. 


The manuscripts must be prepared in double column format on A4 (210mm x 297mm or 8.3'' x 11.7'') paper size. The issue of the journal will be compiled from printed camera-ready manuscripts based on received files e-mailed to the Secretary.


Minimum five (5) and maximum ten (10) pages are allowed for each paper including paper title, author(s) (name, affiliation and e-mail), Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, text, figures, tables, Conclusions, Appendices, Nomenclatures, Acknowledgments, References and Biographies.


Expand number of the pages by adding more theoretic, application, simulation and description parts as well as tables and figures.


The margins on each A4 page must be as follows: top and bottom = 2.5 cm, left and right = 2 cm.


The width of each column and the column separation must be 8.2 and 0.6 cm, respectively.


The paragraphs begin at one TAB of 0.5 cm.


The first page of the manuscript must contain the title of the paper, author's name(s), affiliation(s), and e-mail(s) all centered on the top of the page and spanning both columns. The top margin for the title on the first page should be 5 cm. There must be one blank line (10pt) separations between the paper title, the author name(s) and the author affiliation(s). The author e-mail comes after affiliation in same row or next row. Two blank lines (10pt) separation are required between the author affiliation(s)/e-mail(s) and starting point of the main text.


The affiliation of all of the authors should be included with the name of department and/or faculty, university or organization or company, city and country, and email.


Each author's name(s) is referred to its affiliation(s) with its end superscript number. The author(s) number is inserted in the beginning of each related affiliation(s).


The author's names are separated each other with five (5) spaces not using commas (,).


The authors and biographies priority list should be matched together.


Please use Times New Roman font and single-space typing. Hand written symbols, tables, figures and equations are not acceptable.


The font sizes should be as follows:



14 bold


12 bold


10 italic


10 italic






10 bold

Main text


Table(s)/Figure(s) title and body


Subscripts/Superscripts (Equation)


Sub-Subscripts/Superscripts (Equation)


Symbol (Equation)


Sub-Symbol (Equation)



Paper title must be typed in bold capital letters and centered on top of the first page.


All text bodies must be typed in 10pt and justified from both sides.


Each section headings must be typed in bold whole capital letters and centered on the respective columns which include numbering (1, 2, 3, ...) at the first starting from Introduction.


The numbering of section headings should be written to 1, 2, 3, ... instead of Roman system (I, II, III, IV, ...).


Abstract and Keywords are not included with numbers. Abstract letter before a dash (Abstract-) will be typed in bold and its text body is not bolded. Keywords letter before a colon (Keywords:) will be typed in bold and its text body is not bolded.


Address to all the references in Introduction and also other required sections.


The sub-sections will be written in bold and first capital letters with align text to left (left aligned) and included numbering (1, 2, 3, ...) after one blank line (10pt) directly from past paragraph.


The numbering of sub-sections should be written to 1, 2, 3, ... instead of alphabetical system (A, B, C, D, ...).


Improve typing errors and English language used in the paper.


The table titles and figure comments should be written centered at the top of the tables and the bottom of the figures, respectively. Other phrases instead of Table and Figure should not be used in main text and also table titles and figure comments.


The tables, figures, equations and references should consecutively beginning with 1. Only the equation numbers should be in the parentheses such as (1). Only the references numbers should be in the brackets such as [1].


The tables should be simple design, no highlighted and black color with border width of 0.5 pt.


Improve and retype the tables' contents. Tables in graphical status are not acceptable.


Improve the figures resolution in high quality mode. The figures with weak resolutions are not acceptable.


Type the text in the figures. The hand written text, parameters and numbers in the figures are not acceptable.


Some of examples for correctly writing figures, tables, equations and references in the papers are as the following:

... Figure 1 ... Figures 2, 3 and 4 ... Figures 2-4 ...

... Table 1 ... Tables 2, 3 and 4 ... Tables 2-4 ...

... Equation (1) ... Equations (2), (3) and (4) ... Equations (2-4) ... Equations (2, 3 and 4) ...

... Reference [1] ... References [2], [3] and [4] ... References [2-4] ... References [2, 3 and 4] ...


The tables, figures, equations and references should consecutively beginning with 1. Only the equation numbers should be in the parentheses such as (1). Only the references numbers should be in the brackets such as [1].


Use the complete phrases of Equation, Figure and Table instead of Eq., Fig. and Tab. words.


Address all the used equations from the related original references.


Do not type the equations and parameters in MS WORD Equation Tools with Cambria Math font. Only use the MathType Equation Editor with Times New Roman font.


Define all of the parameters in the equations after their using "where" phrase OR in the Nomenclatures part in the end of the paper.


The tables should be simple design, no highlighted and no bolded with border width of 0.5 pt.


Appendices, Nomenclatures, Acknowledgments, References and Biographies of the author(s) (with the author's photo) at the end of the paper are with no numerals. Appendices, Nomenclatures and Acknowledgments are also free for using in the paper.


Rearrange and complete the References according to IJTPE Journal format as Name (first word) Family, ..., "Paper or Book Title", Proceeding or Journal or Publication, Issue ..., Vol. ..., No. ..., pp. ...-..., Place, City, Country, Date/Year, web address all in regular font (no italic) and Times New Roman 10 pt. (WITHOUT DOI).


[1] A.B. Cdef, G. Hijk, L.M Nopqr, "The Title of the Paper or Book or Thesis or Report", Conference of Abcd, Journal of Efgh, Issue 1, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 4-10, City, Country, April 2021.


Use and address at least two references in your paper from the previous accepted papers in IJTPE journal issues published in the address .


Use new and updated references and address them in the body text.


Add the author(s) biography(ies) with full name and surname and photo(s) in the end of the paper and 10 pt. The photos should be in high resolution, color status and size of 2.5 cm x 2 cm.


The end of the columns of the last page is adjusted in the same rows.


Please download the journal template Format of Papers (DOC) in Microsoft Word DOC as the final published format to prepare exactly your camera ready paper(s).