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Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement:





IOTPE Organization

(ICTPE Conference, IJTPE Journal and IETPE Enterprise)


International Journal on "Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering" (IJTPE) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed and high-quality scholarly journal published quarterly and electronically by International Organization of IOTPE that is dedicated to promot research in theoretical themes, physical subjects and technical problems of Science, Technology and Engineering.


The IJTPE Journal has the publication ethics and malpractice statement containing the following subjects:



The IJTPE Journal commits and protects the clear publication and precise attribution of authorship rules as:

- provide the journal research areas,

- follow up the journal format,

- check out the journal submission guidelines,

- acknowledge all contributed authors,

- edit language of manuscript,

- organize the list of references,

- settle the financial support,

- provide no plagiarism,

- obtaine no fraudulent data,

- coordinate publication policy for details,

- unethical consider of ghost (non-named), guest (no contribution) and gift (senior/affiliated) forms of authorship,

- forbidden to publish same research in more than one journal.



The IJTPE Journal commits and protects the authors' responsibilities as:

- the authors' obligation to participate in in peer review and authorship processes based on their signed Copyright Form and Permission Form considering the Journal Publication Policy (,

- all the authors have significantly contributed to the research,

- the statement that all data in the submitted manuscript are real and authentic,

- the authors' obligation to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes.



The IJTPE Journal commits and protects the peer review and reviewers' responsibilities which is objective as:

- the judgments process of the submitted manuscript is objective,

- the reviewers have no conflict of interest with respect to the research,

- the authors and/or the research funders, reviewers point out relevant published work which is not yet cited,

- the reviewed manuscripts are treated confidentially.



The IJTPE Journal commits and protects the editorial responsibilities as:

- the editors have complete responsibility and authority to accept/reject the submitted manuscript,

- the editors have no conflict of interest with respect to the accepted/rejected manuscript,

- the editors only accept the manuscript when reasonably certain and errors are found and solved,

- the editors promote publication of correction or retraction,

- the editors preserve anonymity of the reviewers.



The IJTPE Journal commits and protects the manuscript submission as:

- contain the journal standards and ethics,

- retrieve published manuscript as well as publish concern statement and notify related organizations,

- evaluate dual submissions for previously published in or simultaneously submitted manuscript,

- prevent redundant publication,

- record the communications and documents between authors, editors and reviewers,

- check out plagiarism and originality of the submitted manuscript,

- evaluate gained permissions of the perior publications or reused texts, data, equations, figures and tables,

- investigate plagiarism of concepts, structures and softwars used in the submitted article,

- reduce plagiarism of the manuscript around 5%,

- avoid publishing to harm the reputation of people and organizations,

- prevent publishing of libellous, slanderous or defamatory materials.



The IJTPE Journal commits and protects the conflicts of interest as:

- obligations of the authors, editors and reviewers to avoid any conflict (or potential conflict) of interest between the authors as well as the third parties,

- submit the completion form between the authors to the journal editors,

- define the relevant financial and non-financial interests/supports and role of the research funders or sponsors in the Acknowledgment section,

- avoid creating potential conflict of interest through assignment of handling authors, editors and reviewers,

- select alternative reviewers to prevent the potential conflict of interest between the authors and editors.



The IJTPE Journal commits and protects the editing and reviewing as:

- adhere to established principles of Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement,

- fully editorial independence from imposed strategies, processes and policies of the publishing partners,

- prevent to accept manuscripts for commercial or political reasons,

- encourage authors, editors and reviewers to have clearly defined processes and policies for handling of contributions in the publication,

- support standard editing procedure and reviewing system based on the submission guidelines,

- reviewe the submitted manuscript by independent experts in the relevant area,

- make a scientific assessment and efficient recommendations to the authors and editors,

- keep unknown and confidence information system through the authors, editors and reviewers,

- maintaine complete confidentiality and privacy during editing and reviewing procedures,

- obtaine multiple editing and reviewing procedures to the revised manuscript,

- handle editors considerations on the reviewers comments to make a final decision fairley to accept/reject the manuscript.