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Publication Policy:




IOTPE Organization

(ICTPE Conference, IJTPE Journal and IETPE Enterprise)



The republishing of selected and peer reviewed conference papers and ICTPE Conference in IJTPE Journal Issues and Transactions is an important issue raised by Editorial, Advisory and Scientific Boards of IOTPE Organization. Under the heading "RESPONSIBILITIES OF MANUSCRIPT AUTHORS" the IOTPE Organization Publication Policy (including ICTPE Conference Proceedings, IJTPE Journal Issues and Transactions and any other related publications) states:


"Except as indicated in Multiple Publication of Original Technical Material in IOTPE Publications, authors should only submit original work that has neither appeared elsewhere for publication, nor which is under review for another publication. If authors have used their own previously published work(s) as a basis for a new submission, they are required to cite the previous work(s) and very briefly indicate how the new submission offers substantive novel contributions beyond those of the previously published work(s)."


The referenced Multiple Publication of Original Technical Material in IOTPE Publications states:


"IOTPE Publications (including ICTPE Conference Proceedings, IJTPE Journal Issues and Transactions and any other related publications) shall include original material which appears only once in the archival literature. Unusual circumstances may allow for exceptions to this policy. The publication of a conference paper or papers of ICTPE Conference in IJTPE Journal Issues and Transactions and other related publications are permitted at the discretion of the Editorial Board provided that all the papers have undergone the standard peer review for the specific periodical in question."



The undersigned Copyright Form assigns to the IOTPE Organization all rights under copyright that may exist in and to the IJTPE Paper. Any revised or expanded derivative works submitted to the other Conference/Journal than IOTPE Organization (ICTPE Conference and IJTPE Journal) must be accompanied by a request (the Permission Form) to the Conference/Journal Copyright Holder (or official representative thereof), Editor-in-Chief or Volume Editor of the proceeding/journal. In other cases, the undersigned hereby warrants that the IJTPE Paper is original and that he/she is the author of the IJTPE Paper. To the extent the IJTPE Paper incorporates text passages, figures, data or other material from the works of others, the undersigned has obtained any necessary permission forms.



The IOTPE Organization distributes its technical publications throughout the world and wants to ensure that the material submitted to IOTPE Organization is properly available to the readership of those publications. Authors must ensure that their IJTPE Paper meets the requirements of IOTPE Publication Policy, including provisions covering originality, authorship, author responsibilities and author misconduct. Authors are also advised especially of copyright rules: "It is the responsibility of the authors, not the IOTPE Organization to determine whether disclosure of their material requires the prior consent of other parties and, if so, to obtain it."; "It shall be acknowledged that statements and opinions given in work published by the IOTPE Organization are the expression of the authors. Responsibility for the content of published papers rests upon the authors, not IOTPE Organization." The Author(s) warrants that the IJTPE Paper is his or her original work, does not infringe on any existing copyrights, and has not previously been published in whole or in part (see the above conditions for an exception to this rule).



- The undersigned represents that he/she has the power and authority to make and execute this assignment.

- The undersigned agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the IOTPE Organization from any damage or expense that may arise in the event of a breach of any of the warranties set forth above.

- The copyright form will only be signed by the First (or Responsible) Author as authorized agent for joint authors.



1. Authors retain all proprietary rights in any process, procedure, or article of manufacture described in the IJTPE Paper. The authors are not permitted to grant third-party requests for reprinting, republishing, or other types of re-use.

2. Author may reproduce (NOT to reprint) or authorize others to reproduce (NOT to reprint) the IJTPE Paper, material extracted verbatim from the IJTPE Paper, or derivative works for the author's personal use or for company use, provided that the source and the IOTPE Organization copyright notice are indicated.

3. For all uses not covered by item 2, authors must request IOTPE Permission Form from the IOTPE Copyright Holder (or official representative thereof), Editor-in-Chief or Volume Editor of the IJTPE, to reproduce or authorize the reproduction of the IJTPE Paper or material extracted verbatim from the IJTPE Paper, including figures & tables.



The International Journal on "Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering" (IJTPE) is supported by the International Organization of IOTPE, and JEEECCS Journal is sustained by the JEEECCS Universities' Association (four universities from Romania: University of Pitesti, "Valahia" University of Targoviste, Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, and "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu) and these journals are jointly promoted by the both parts based on an gentlemen agreement between the chairs.

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