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Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering



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Journal Fees:



Journal Fee (Paper Processing Charge): 450 USD will be charged in the journal registration for each paper covering submission, reviewing, publishing, reporting and citation processes.


- The journal fee is considered by the Editorial Board to cover the communication, reviewing, editing and publication processes of the submitted papers and it is not refundable.


- The reviewed and accepted papers are just published in the IJTPE Journal according to the Author(s)' submission and request and transferring the Journal Fee.


- The journal fee (excluding transaction Transfer expenses) is transferred to the following bank account and the receipt of transaction is also submitted.



- Please pay WHOLE transaction Transfer expenses on your side to let us receive the journal fee completely.

- The received payments less than Journal Fee are not acceptable and the publishing of the paper will be delayed till completion.

- WHOLE transaction Transfer expenses include the fees of Origin Bank and also Partner Banks which may be called as Bank Charges and Commissions.

- Please ask your Origin Bank to receive the WHOLE transaction Transfer expenses + Journal Fee.

- If your transferred and settled payment(s) in our bank account are less than complete Journal Fee, then you need to transfer the remaining payment to complete the paper publishing fee to the Journal Fee level.

- Therefore, the publishing process will be completed after the payment is completely received.